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“Recovery Court of Sumner County Intensive Outpatient program’s mission is to welcome individuals affected by substance use & co-occurring disorders to transform their lives.  With care and compassion, we endeavor to help all who come through our doors realize that recovery is within their reach.”   


The Recovery Court of Sumner County Intensive Outpatient Program maintains a collaboration of treatment for clients who suffer from substance use or co-occurring disorders by establishing relationships with mental health providers and other community resources.  Clients are welcomed and served with dignity from the initial screening through aftercare process.  Our program addresses addiction and mental health issues simultaneously with an evidence based, holistic approach to treatment and wellness.  Our philosophy is that treatment include the mind, body, and spirit.  Treatment for the mind includes individual and group addiction therapy aimed at helping patients develop healthy coping skills and emotional regulation. Therapy also involves education on the complexity of addiction’s effects on the brain, as well as intensive, experiential exercises, where patients gain self-insight through role play and hands-on activities. The goal of therapy is to increase self-awareness and self-confidence while providing tools for recovery. Treatment for the body will include an exercise and fitness plan; nutritional counseling and proper diet; medication, if necessary; and learning daily living skills to promote a healthier approach to wellness.  Treatment of the spirit indicates that we use spirituality as a means to connect to self, others, nature, and one’s own faith.  Addiction disconnects the individual from healthy relationships. We focus on reconnecting and strengthening the spirit that lies within these relationships. Our program utilizes the 12 Steps as part of its integrated approach.  We encourage clients through support and accountability to advocate for themselves as they move forward to a higher quality of life.


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Recovery Court of Sumner County, Inc.


Recovery Court of Sumner County is funded under a grant contract with the State of Tennessee, Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services & a Highway Safety Grant.

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